Why Sponsor?

You want to be part of HispanaPreneur™ because:

  • Women's entrepreneurship is on the rise, according to data from the US Census Bureau, which shows that women are increasingly becoming small business owners. HispanaPreneur™ is a growing movement that reaches the Latina population, which will make up 25.7 percent of the US Population by 2050.
  • According to the 2015 American Express OPEN State of Women Business Report, Latinas comprise (25%) the greatest share of all women-owned firms in Florida.
  • Hispanic-women- populationHispanaPreneur™ women make over 80% of household buying decisions.
  • HispanaPreneur™  is an innovative organization that involves its sponsors and partners in the advancement of Latina Women.
  • HispanaPreneur™ women are the primary shoppers in their households, controlling the majority of the current $1.2 trillion Hispanic buying power.
  • HispanaPreneur™  members have an average annual income of over $100,000.00 per year.

To become a sponsor of HispanaPreneur™ means being a part of the largest business opportunity because you are marketing to the largest and fastest growing consumer in America.

Stand among a group of leaders

Sponsorship allows your company to reach the growing segment of Hispanic women in just one location. Whether you provide a product or service that can help hispanic women business owners manage and grow their businesses, HispanaPreneur™ opens the way towards connections that can help you do business with some of the best companies in the country. Sponsorship is a terrific vehicle that allows a showcasing of capabilities and demonstration of capacity. As a sponsor, you will enjoy enhanced visibility and access. You will also position your company to capitalize on a variety of valuable opportunities.

Some sponsorship opportunities include a speaking role while others are focused on product branding. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to set your company apart!

HispanaPreneur™ strongly believes that sponsorship opportunities should be available to a wide range of companies. To that end, there are multiple sponsorship opportunities with corresponding benefits that vary depending on the price associated with the sponsorship.

Become a sponsor TODAY!

HispanaPreneur™recognizes the importance of your brand and understands the unprecedented opportunity to market your company at our events. Brand loyalty is highest among women. The exposure your brand will receive reaches far beyond the venue, with XoomIM's robust, broad-based Inbound Marketing Strategy that reaches America’s fastest growing consumer.

Get Online Exposure!

HispanaPreneur™ is promoted aggressively via email blasts to several local chamber networks (mostly professional Latinas). Each promotional email includes a hyperlinked logo to drive recipients to the sponsor’s website. Sponsors are amply recognized with the sponsor logo featured prominently. In addition, sponsors are recognized on the HispanaPreneur™ website. More than half of the HispanaPreneur™ network are women ages 30 to 55.