Maria LeCuyer, Mentor | Author | Speaker

Trained as a pharmacist, Maria LeCuyer is a former pharmaceutical business executive with over 30 years of business experience in one of Fortune 500's ten biggest healthcare companies to work for.

Now retired from corporate America, she is a serial entrepreneur successfully at the helm of three businesses of her own. Maria LeCuyer is a professional speaker and author of two books, including "Prescription For Personal Breakthrough”, and “Powerful Women in the Modern World".

As an experienced business leader, Maria is in a unique position to mentor us as Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and as individuals with a time-tested potent prescription for unlimited breakthroughs.


Rev. Luzette Rivera-Diez, Unity of Hollywood

I am a free Spirit, currently expressing as a Student of Truth, Unity Minister, Spiritual Coach and Teacher. I love to work in small group settings to allow intimacy and trust. I am currently serving as Senior Minister at Unity of Hollywood, and looking forward to witness Spirit expressing itself in this experience.

I believe that we must awaken to the Truth of what we are (Spiritual Beings) and become (play) our part sharing our unique contribution for World Peace and a Global Consciousness of Oneness.

I am open, receptive, and willing to “walk the talk” in my life and become all I came here to be. I believe this is the time to support the shift for Peace in the World. If you resonate with this, let's explore what we can do together this year!


Lourdes Valentin, Heaven’s Girl

Lourdes Valentin was born in the Bronx, NY, from Puerto Rican parents. She graduated from Miami Dade College, where she was trained in the classical, jazz, pop and musical theater genres. After working for two years to develop her music career by working with other bands, she formed a quartet. She experimented with different ideas to develop the concept she uses today. Lourdes’ concept involves different genres, unique arrangements, lots of improvisations, rich, exciting rhythms, and solid, warm lyrics that inspire and uplift the spirit of her audiences. The concept changes as she has new experiences and explores new territories in the music world. Her work experiences have been an adventurous journey from Jazz festivals in Florida, a Billie Holiday Tribute contracted by Cristian Dior, Soloist with The Great Miami Symphonic Band.

Often, Lourdes is contracted by foundations, corporations and creative brides to write personalized songs. Presently, she is collaborating with The Miami Big Sound Orchestra as the lead female singer. Her blog connects her on a personal level with her audience. This process created an idea for a future foundation called Heaven's Girl, a name given to her by her pianist. It reminds her of how Lester Young named Billie Holiday. The mission of the foundation is to help women know their value and discover and use their talents to become entrepreneurs.