The HispanaPreneur™ Manifesto

“I Am a Woman, I am an Entrepreneur, I am Latina, I am American, I am a HispanaPreneur™”

“I Am a leader who lifts women by always seeing their inner magnificence."

“I Am confident in my business endeavors because I know I am capable.”

“I Am a leader in all areas of my life, and I have a vision that sees women leading in industries such as politics, business, science, media, technology and more."

“I Am supportive of women’s choices.”

“I Am a woman who lifts other women up through positive thinking, intention and wishes.”

“I Am a powerful CEO. I am a mentor and I am surrounded by other powerful women mentors."

“I Deserve and expect equal pay for equal work because No woman should be paid less simply for being a woman.”

“I Honor and appreciate all the women who came before me and fought for the freedom and flexibility I now enjoy.”

“I Recognize that women are not always treated respectfully and fairly by some men, but not all men are sexists. Strong men appreciate strong women and we’re stronger together.”

“I Am thoughtful, intelligent and vote knowing that all issues can affect women.”

“I Embrace innovation and technology. I value the ideas that allow women everywhere the opportunity to start and run a successful business.”

“I Have zero tolerance for violence against women. Those who victimize and endanger women should be prosecuted under full accordance of the law."

“I Am Possible and I am prosperous. I am grateful for all that I have and all that I can Manifest in my life.”

“I Stand with women across the nation in the pursuit of financial freedom and equality.”

“I Am compassionate, assertive, enterprising, adventurous, confident and patriotic, I am unstoppable and I am a HispanaPreneur™.”


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